May 14, 2020

Phase One Covid19 Guidelines
For Hillview Baptist Church
Please Read Carefully & Adhere to these Faithfully

These guidelines are for the purpose of establishing a worship experience that is both enriching and safe for all members and attendees at our Sunday morning worship services, and these guidelines will from this point forward be called Phase One. Please understand that Phase One is designed under the directive of local, state, and federal suggestions, but more so through much prayer and thought as we, the leadership of the church, seek God’s guidance in every area of its content.

• During Phase One there will only be one Sunday Morning Worship Service held on campus in the Hillview Worship Center at 10:15am each week. (Please refer to guidelines on pages 3 - 5 for more information)
Note: If it becomes necessary an earlier worship service may be implemented

• During Phase One the following ministry activities will not be active on site:
There will be no Wednesday Evening Grow Team & Bible Study
There will be no Sunday Evening Worship Service
There will be no Weekly Small Group Classes
There will be no Weekly Youth Group Meeting
There will be no Choir Practice
There will be no Fellowship Meals or Holiday Meals
There will be no Special Homecoming Service
There will be no Vacation Bible School
There will be no Concerts or Singings

• During Phase One the following policies will be implemented:
1. There will be no Nursery or Childcare available during the Sunday Morning Worship Service. Parents will be asked to take their children into the sanctuary during the service.
2. Families will be allowed to sit together on the pews that are available without requiring the specified social distancing parameters. (Please refer to guidelines on pages 3 - 5 for more information)

3. After entering the Hillview Worship Center we ask you to practice social distancing. Please give everyone their space by staying at least six feet apart, and by refraining from any physical contact such as hand shaking, fist bumping, or hugging.
4. There will be no other area of the Hillview campus or buildings opened during the Sunday Morning Worship service except the main building & parking lots. Restricted areas inside the Worship Center will be clearly marked Do Not Enter. The Fellowship Hall, all classrooms in both buildings, the kitchen, and all restrooms in the old building will remain closed during Phase One.
5. All worshipers are encouraged to wear a face covering/medical mask at all times while inside the Worship Center during Phase One.
6. All worshipers will be monitored via infrared thermometer upon entering the Worship Center. Anyone with a temperature above 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit will be asked to return to their vehicles where they can listen to the service on a designated FM channel.
7. Anyone who knowingly has been exposed to either someone with the Covid19 virus and/or any type of Influenza or Respiratory infection will be asked not to attend services for at least a 14-day time period.
8. The Men’s & Women’s Restrooms will be opened inside the Worship Center.
9. Only assigned Safety Team members will be allowed in the vestibule/lobby during the Worship Service. No one else should be in the vestibule/lobby during the service.
10. The Worship Center will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to the next Worship Service.

Phase One Guidelines
Hillview Baptist Church • Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Target Opening Date 6/7/2020 (Subject to Change)

The guidelines are configured in the following 7 areas:

The Parking Lot

Entering the Worship Center




Tithes & Offering


a. Please pull into the parking lot and park your vehicle in any of the marked spaces available.
b. If you are handicapped there are plenty of spaces marked Handicapped Only. If you are unable to go up the steps to the front entrance, the handicapped entrance is available for you on the northeast side of the building. Greeters can direct you to that entrance if you are not familiar with our Campus.

a. Come to the main entrance where a greeter will open the main entrance door for you.
b. Since we encourage the wearing of masks, if you do not have a mask, we have them available for you at the Welcome Center inside the vestibule/lobby.

c. After entering the Worship Center your temperature will be monitored via infrared thermometer. If anyone has a fever over 100.0/F they will be asked to return to their car where they can tune in to a designated FM channel on their car stereo, and can listen to the service in the comfort of their vehicle.
d. Hand sanitizer is available at locations inside the building.

a. You will be directed into the Sanctuary/Auditorium through the double doors at the center of the vestibule/lobby. Both side door entrances to the Sanctuary will be closed to entering. Available rows of seats will be plainly marked.
b. If you are with your family you will be able to sit together without practicing social distancing.
c. If you are worshipping with us and are alone please sit in the rows plainly marked and please practice social distancing parameters by sitting at least 6 feet away from others.
d. For your protection all pew Bibles and Hymnals have been removed from the sanctuary. We encourage you to bring your own Bible with you to the service.

a. As you enter the Worship Center you will hear the sound of beautiful Praise & Worship music from the traditional to the contemporary genres.
b. There will be no Congregational singing, no Praise Team, no Choir & no Special Music sung during the Worship Service in Phase One. (Note: This guideline may be subject to change)

V. Message
a. The Pastor or Speaker will not be required to wear a face covering while they preach God’s Word.
b. The Pastor or Speaker will not meet & greet before or after the message. He will enter & exit from the pulpit area only.
c. During the invitational portion of the service the Pastor will ask anyone making a decision to please drop their contact information in the offering baskets as they leave the sanctuary so they can be contacted about their specific decision or need.
d. Business cards will be available at the Welcome Center for anyone who needs to contact the Pastor or the Church.

a. For your protection, there will be no offertory baskets/plates passed during Phase One. Offering baskets/plates will be easily accessed upon both entering and exiting the Worship Center. We ask that you simply place your tithes and offerings into those containers as you enter or as you leave the building.
(Offering Envelopes will remain available in the back of the seats)

a. After the worship service ends, please remain seated until an usher/greeter comes to assist with exiting one row at a time.
b. Please exit by going directly thru the lobby & out the main entrance doors into the parking lot as soon as possible.
c. Please do not congregate in the vestibule/lobby. Go directly outside in an orderly fashion.
(Note: if you chose to wear a mask please do not remove it until you are outside the building and please dispose appropriately)

Statement from the pastor & deacons:
We realize these precautions are more extreme than not. Please do not be confounded and/or disheartened by them! The sole intent of Phase One involves our concern for your health and wellbeing. We assure you that as sure as the covid19 pandemic started and as sure as the ‘stay at home mandate’ started they will also end someday! We hope that will be sooner than later! Until then, please work with us by adhering as much as is humanly possible to these guidelines. Friends, this too shall one day pass! God is in control! Remember, our brothers and sisters in times past during the infancy & the establishment of the church had to endure much worse than this!

Thank you and May God bless you and Hillview Baptist Church!

Pastor Tom Brantley

Deacon Ed Evans

Deacon Gary Massey