Mar 20, 2020

Greetings In Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Over the past several days the deacons and I have had numerous discussions concerning the directive involving the management and guidance of Hillview during the current Covid-19 outbreak.  The decisions have been very difficult to make, and we are asking for your understanding & support.

In light of the President’s Coronavirus Taskforce, and the Medical expert’s recommendations, our plans for the next several weeks are as follows:

Sunday Worship Services are suspended through April 5th 2020. At that time we will have reviewed the situation and will be prepared to make a determination on the directive going forward into April.

There will be no congregational gatherings for Worship, Sunday School, Youth or any other activities.

We will have no weekday activities at least through April 5th.

We will have no Wednesday night activities or services at least through April 5th.

I will be posting short Sunday morning messages through Facebook during this unprecedented time.

I will also be posting my Work Week Wisdom daily messages until that date as usual Mondays - Fridays There will be audio messages continually available through our website

Access those by going to the Sermons page, and click on the link for the sermon you want to hear.

When you click the MP3 link - the player should pop up and the audio should automatically start.

These decisions follow the most recent recommendations of Medical Doctors & the President’s Coronavirus Task Force advising us to make significant changes for at least the next 15 days by avoiding gatherings of greater than 10 people & since all Rutherford County Schools are closed through April 3rd.

During this down time, it is important that the church remains the active and living Body of Christ, and that we are sure the needs of our members and our community are being met.

Therefore, as your pastor I am encouraging you to:

Stay connected with each other by phone only - unless there is an emergency to contact otherwise

Small Group Leaders/Teachers to contact each of their class members by phone

Deacons to contact the members of Hillview they are assigned to by phone

For all of us to care for and watching out for those with special needs

If you are unable to leave home and need help with anything please contact us by calling (615-890-9622) or by emailing - You can also text me anytime at 931-212-5770

Prayerfully & Faithfully sending in your tithes and offerings throughout the duration of this situation.

You can mail your tithes and offerings to:

Hillview Baptist Church, 3113 Lascassas Pike, Murfreesboro, TN 37130.

Our plans beyond April 5th, are as follows:

Any changes or extended suspension decisions will be made and announced on or before April 3rd.

Lord willing we hope to be able to resuming public Sunday morning worship by Easter Sunday April 12th.

We will of course be considering any new recommendations made by our civic and government officials concerning the suggestions for public gatherings.

Please remember that God is in control and fully able to meet our needs (Luke 1:37)

God has not given us a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7)

So let’s all make this an opportunity for spiritual refreshing, spending time with family, and above all, spend time with the Lord, and encourage one another in loving and creative ways!

May the Lord Bless You,

Pastor Tom Brantley